Our Perspective

An image says more than a thousand words. More than lines on paper. Artist impressions make a design understandable, recognisable and convincing. Het Lege Atelier visualises what is in between the lines of the blueprint: vision and atmosphere.


Every design is unique. Our impressions make the ideas behind the design visible and tangible. We don’t only use the computing power of the latest technology, but most of all we use our artistic imagination. That makes our impressions much more than realistic renderings of a design. We visualise the story of the design, the vision of the designer and the spatial experience. This is how we paint a telling portrait: an image with character.

About Ananda de Vos

Hi, I’m Ananda: architect, 3D artist and founder of Het Lege Atelier. I started Het Lege Atelier to offer designers custom work in creating 3D artist impressions. With my work I bring together technology and craft and join the two worlds I enjoy the most: those of architecture and art.


As a trained architect, I can easily relate to my clients. I understand how a design is developed and how hectic the process can get when preparing a presentation. With Het Lege Atelier I want to give designers peace of mind: to offer practical support while effortlessly understanding your ideas and capturing their essence.


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